Getting Started

What is IntelliZoom and how does it work?

About Us IntelliZoom is the participant community of UserZoom, a user experience research agency dedicated to helping companies make better products and create a seamless customer journey. We empower companies ...

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How do I become an IntelliZoom participant?

In order to become an IntelliZoom participant you must be: 18 years or older Able to speak English fluently Live in the US or UK* Willing to have your face and voice recorded Able...

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What types of studies can I take?

We offer a variety of studies. Most invitations will be for TOL (Think Out Loud) studies, possibly in combination with other types. TOL (Think Out Loud) TOL studies require you to think out loud as you complet...

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Practice Study 101

Why do I have to take practice studies? Practice studies are an important part of getting started. You’ll get to see how IntelliZoom works before participating in a paid study. We also need to ensure that you c...

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How will I be notified of new studies?

You’ll be notified of new study opportunities via email. Here are examples of a desktop and mobile email invitation: It’s likely that before you start, you’ll take a screener, whic...

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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Please take a minute to review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy​: IntelliZoom's Terms of Use IntelliZoom's Privacy Policy

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