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Check out the following tips for success! Be sure to keep them in mind when completing studies with IntelliZoom. Take the study in a space with good lighting. We want to see your beautiful face! En...

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How do I take a TOL study?

Most of our studies are Think Out Loud studies or TOL for short. When taking a TOL study you will need to speak your mind as you go through tasks. Even if you are in a tough spot or don’t understand the task at...

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How do I take a mobile study?

When you see a mobile study invitation email come in, you’ll want to make sure you have the UserZoom Surveys application installed on your mobile device. Please see How do I download and use the UserZoom mobile...

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How do I take a screenshot click test?

One type of test you may encounter in a study is a Screenshot Click Test (SSCT). You’ll be given a static image and asked where you might click on it to find something. Here’s what it will look like to take a ...

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How do I take a card sort study?

Card sort studies consist of the participant sorting items into categories. This is often done virtually but its name stems from hand sorting cards. You’ll drag and drop the items into the appropriate categor...

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How do I take a moderated study?

You may receive a study invitation for a moderated study. Moderated studies involve a moderator, most commonly a researcher, to mediate and guide you throughout the study. You may be one-on-one with the...

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How do I take a diary study?

You may be eligible to receive an invitation if you meet the qualifications set forth for the study. Diary studies require you to do tasks over a determined time period and document your thoughts/ findings....

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How do I take a Non-TOL study?

Non-TOL studies do not record your face or voice. Examples of Non-TOL studies: Card sort Card sort studies will give you a list of things to categorize into certain topics. Click here for i...

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