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SDK Live App Installation Instructions

If you qualify, you will encounter the following screen and be required to download an app from the app store onto your mobile device. For installation instructions, select your device from below:...

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What are the Minimum System Requirements?

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How do I download and use the UserZoom mobile app?

The UserZoom mobile app is available for both iOS and Android: Be sure to leave us an app review, we would really appreciate it! There is no need to sign in on the mobile app. Instead, clickin...

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How do I add the UserZoom browser extension?

The UserZoom browser extension can be installed when you attempt to take a study that requires the use of it. Please note that the extension is only supported on Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. For more...

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I was screened out from a study, now what?

What is screening out? Screening out is when you do not qualify for a study opportunity based on your answers to screener questions. What happens when I screen out from a study? When you screen out you will r...

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How do I resume where I left off in a study?

If you ever leave a study, you can pick up where you left off by clicking on the link provided in the study invitation email. However, we are unable to guarantee that the study will still be open when you retur...

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How to find your iPhone's UDID

What is a UDID? UDIDs are identifying numbers that are unique to individual iPhones and iPads. Why does UserZoom require an UDID? The most likely situation you'll need to provide your iPhone's or iPad’s UDID ...

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