How do I take a TOL study?

Most of our studies are Think Out Loud studies or TOL for short. When taking a TOL study you will need to speak your mind as you go through tasks. Even if you are in a tough spot or don’t understand the task at hand, talk us through it. We want to hear any and all of the thoughts that go through your mind when taking a study. That’s the whole point after all!

Here is what it will look like to take a Desktop TOL study:

Here is what it will look like to take a Mobile TOL study:

Some helpful tips for taking TOL studies:

  • Take your time and speak out loud all your thoughts and opinions. If you feel like you have talked too much, you probably talked just enough. Feedback is the reason we're all here.

  • Do not stray from the task at hand. Take your time, read the directions carefully, and make sure you complete the whole task before moving on.

  • Sit somewhere with good lighting. Make sure your face is well lit and there are no shadows on you. Make sure there are no windows or bright lights behind you in your camera’s frame. All of these results will be denied.

  • Try your best to keep your whole face in the camera’s view.

  • Wherever you end up taking studies, make sure it is a quiet area where no one will interrupt you during the course of the study. (Do not take studies in the bathroom.) In most cases, if you can hear it, we can too, so be sure to eliminate any background noise you can hear.
  • ‚ÄčMake sure to check that all of your equipment is working properly before starting a study.

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