How to find your iPhone's UDID

What is a UDID?
UDIDs are identifying numbers that are unique to individual iPhones and iPads.

Why does UserZoom require an UDID?
The most likely situation you'll need to provide your iPhone's or iPad’s UDID is if an app developer would like participants to try out some unreleased software.
With the UDID, UserZoom can register your device and give it access to the software that has not yet made it to the App Store.

This is commonly used to let participants try out new apps before they are visible to the public. 

How to find and copy/paste your UDID:


1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone.

2. CLICK the iPhone icon.

3. The serial number of your phone will be displayed. CLICK on the serial number to display the UDID.
4. After clicking the serial number, the UDID will be visible. RIGHT CLICK to copy.

You’re all set!

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