Practice Study 101

Why do I have to take practice studies?
Practice studies are an important part of getting started. You’ll get to see how IntelliZoom works before participating in a paid study. We also need to ensure that you can clearly articulate your thoughts out loud and verify that your computer or mobile device meet our minimum requirements and function properly.


Do I get paid for practice studies?
Practice studies are not eligible for pay but we keep them short and sweet to get you in and out.


When will I hear back if my practice study result was approved?
It can take up to a week for your results to be reviewed. We appreciate your patience as we work on carefully reviewing each result that is submitted.

Can I retake my practice study if I get rejected?
We allow participants to take a practice study only once and currently do not support multiple attempts. However, we have plans to allow multiple attempts for practice studies in the near future. Please contact us if you’d like us to reach out once this feature is available!

What happens after my practice study result is approved?
Once your practice study result is approved, you’ll be eligible for paid study opportunities and begin receiving study invitations via email.

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