Quick Tips

Check out the following tips for success! Be sure to keep them in mind when completing studies with IntelliZoom.

  • Take the study in a space with good lighting. We want to see your beautiful face!

  • Ensure your camera and microphone are working properly. You should see your face and audio fluctuations in the taskbar.

  • Routinely check that you have a strong internet connection throughout the entire duration of the study.

  • Read the instructions in their entirety, answer all the questions, and only move on to the next task when you’re ready.

    • You are not able to retake the study if you accidentally answer inaccurately or skip tasks.

  • Think out loud and give genuine feedback. Whether you love or hate a company’s website, speak your mind! We also want to hear your entire thought process, despite how obvious you may think it is.

  • Keep your study invitation email saved. If you have any questions or issues regarding a study, you’ll need to include the Unique Study ID provided in the study invitation email.

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