How will I be notified of new studies?

You’ll be notified of new study opportunities via email, here are examples of a desktop and mobile email invitation:


It’s likely that before you start, you’ll take a screener, which checks whether you’re qualified for a study. If you’re not qualified for a particular study, don’t worry -- there will be more coming your way!


To participate in a desktop study, you need to use your desktop or laptop. To participate in a mobile study, you need to use your phone or tablet. Please visit the minimum requirements page to view the minimum tech requirements involved with taking a study.

How do I receive more study invites?

Be an awesome participant! (check out our Tips 101) Some quick tips:  

  • Take the test in a space with good lighting. We want to see your beautiful face!

  • Keep your head still. You don’t have to make like a statue, but fewer sudden movements → better results.

  • Keep your computer or mobile device on a stable surface. Shaky footage makes us kind of seasick…

  • Don’t skip tasks! Read the instructions in their entirety, answer all the questions, and only move on to the next task when you’re ready.

  • Think out loud and give genuine feedback. Whether you love or hate a company’s website, speak your mind! The company wants to make it better, and your views will help.

  • Make sure your results upload completely before you close out of the YouEye application. If the progress bar at the end is full, the upload is complete. [picture of progress bar]

  • Don’t forget to complete the post-study questionnaire!

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